Thursday, January 28, 2010

A quick peak and a side project

For starters, I thought I might post an update on where the M16 half track is at the moment, I haven't given up on it but what I have been doing really isn't worth pictures. I'll just post one quick shot so you can get a feel of where it's heading and what I have in mind.

The idea for this scene is taken from Concord publications U.S.Half-Tracks in Combat 1941-1945 by Steve Zaloga. On page 55 there is an M16 half track of the 447th AAA battalion in Belgium on New Years Day, 1945. The vehicle is parked in large trench dug into the frozen ground by the crew. This was a fairly common practice for anti aircraft half tracks as the downward slope of the vehicle also allowed the turret to cover ground targets as well as aircraft. The quad fifty caliber turret could be devastating against ground targets.

Obviously as you can see in the pictures, I have a lot of detail painting to do to the stowage/gear and figures as well as adding of all the groundwork. This is just to give an idea to where the project currently stands.

As a break from all of this hardware I decided to build one of my planes I have in the stash. I had to dig out an older DML kit of the German Focke-Wulf in 1/72 scale, I started the build years ago but had shelved it because the kit was just too aggravating back then. I wanted to start a new airplane kit but told myself that I would start no new kits until all of my shelf queens were complete, so I forced my way through this one, and I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


To those of you unfamiliar with 1/72 scale, it's fairly small and for the last picture I included an object for scale purposes. I finished the assembly of the kit and applied some basic camoflauge colors but haven't began painting any details. No decals/markings have been applied and no weathering has been started, my next pictures of this aircraft will be after it's completed and will show those steps. Hopefully, that shouldn't take too long.

The biggest hurdle I have yet to clear is the front canopy, the clear part is a 'short shot' on the sprue, the first picture below shows what I was supplied with as well as a crude outline of what I should have been given. I will have to scratch build one to complete this build and considering it needs to be clear, it wont be easy. Wish me luck.


  1. Ken,

    Great work on both accounts! Ah Guiness - pure genius!

    Quick question, that groundwork for the M16 looks awesome - however did you succeed in recreating such authentic looking wet dirt?


  2. Thanks Rudi,

    The groundwork is a mix of Celluclay shredded papier mache, extra fine sandblasting sand and Elmers white glue all mixed into a small bowl with some water to a sticky, paste like consistency. The rough shape of the ground is carved into a piece of one inch rigid insulating foam board with the mixture spread on top. The extra left in the bowl was used for the loose dirt piled up around the hole, as it dries it is 'teased' up using a knife blade or toothpick.



  3. Thanks mate! Brad and I were debating it after I posed the question. I wasn't sure if it was Celluclay as you've succeeded to making it so fine. We were leaning toward it being real dirt :D I'm wanting to do something similar in texture and wet look for the StuG and was planning to use Celluclay as well. Always good to get inspiration ;)

  4. If you and Brad would like me to assemble a little SBS just say the word, ask him if he'd be interested next time you guys talk.

    If so, let me know the best place to post it. Whether it be one of the many forums all three of us frequent or if here is a good place. (I don't know if he follows this at all?)


  5. I don't know if Brad's interested in a groundwork SBS, that would require him to *almost* be finished with something :-D ROFL! (Like I'm one to talk!), but I sure am!

    Your call on where you post it - we pretty much all travel the same forums. I sent him your link last night ;)


  6. LOL

    No worries, I recognized it from a post you made somewhere. SMW maybe?

    Another blog for me to follow!