Tuesday, September 18, 2012

...and autumn settling in.

 my bench time is increasing. I love this time of year for many reasons, like the cooler weather and approaching holiday seasons but most of all, the increased modeling time.

Along with the previously posted kit, I have a few more things on the bench. First off, Mengs' 'technical' which is pretty sweet little kit. I can't wait to give this thing a random paint job and some busted up windows, disabled and abandoned in the sand.

Forgive the white on white photos... I was a bit lazy today.

Next up, an Italeri rally car. It never really dawned on me how much you can weather and beat these things up, regardless of how many times I've watched them race, until I spent the day killing time with my good buddy Iain Hamilton in the hobby shop. Expect a filthy pig and some broken stuff on this one as well.

A kit I am most into at the moment, is Revells' Ho 229. I've always loved this aircraft and it's a sharp little kit at 1/72 scale. I've only just started the decals and have many more to go before weathering. Painted all in Lifecolor acrylics.

Before I go, I'd like to post a little shameless plug, one that I am pretty happy about. My *totally fictional  GAZ with Bofors made it to the cover of Military Modelcraft International. I just hope the full article lives up to it.

*just in case any of the historically accurate forum police have tracked me here.

As always, build how you like and like what you build. The day you stop doing that is the day your hobby becomes a chore. Peace and be well.

Ken Abrams