Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moving right along


this whole 'what if' thing is really getting my attention lately. Truth be told, it's such a refreshing way of modeling. The lack of strict rules and restrictions is really nice, I'm free to be totally artistic for the most part and ignore the reality of it all. I'm not 'hating' on reality bit it is nice to escape it once in a while.

This doesn't mean that my love for creating accurate representations of half tracks from old photos is dead and done with but I am really enjoying my current vacation. Here's a few shots of what's going on, from the booth and the bench.

Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pardon the silence

...if you will.

I know it has been quiet here, as I find things besides this blog distracting me. The end of winter and the subsequent warming up of the days have allowed me to get stuff done outside.

I have been modeling, just not here on the blog. I have been assembling a bunch of kits for a project in the works and then as of April 1st, the Scale Model Addict second annual 'Big Spring Contest' kicked off. Recently at the last show I attended I picked an odd kit (for me) and paired it up with something unexpected, yet logically possible, to create a 'what if' model which isn't something I do too often. I just liked the lines of the half track, which will allow great painting effects and the cargo was something I had kicking around in the stash. I threw in a modified Alpine figure by changing the hand molded to the thigh and adding another Alpine hand and weapon to the carved out sleeve, a Hornet head just to alter the figures look ever so slightly more.

I don't have any good pictures for that I apologize, only right on the bench as I began to finally see what I was imagining. The kits are in loose, sub-assemblies just posed for the pictures, just to get the idea, I am just completely swamp with stuff and promise to get back here the next time I come up for air.

Until then my friends, I'll give you a glimpse...

'Finders Keepers'