Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moving right along


this whole 'what if' thing is really getting my attention lately. Truth be told, it's such a refreshing way of modeling. The lack of strict rules and restrictions is really nice, I'm free to be totally artistic for the most part and ignore the reality of it all. I'm not 'hating' on reality bit it is nice to escape it once in a while.

This doesn't mean that my love for creating accurate representations of half tracks from old photos is dead and done with but I am really enjoying my current vacation. Here's a few shots of what's going on, from the booth and the bench.

Hope you enjoy.


  1. i feel you ;)

    the artistic aspect is kinda forgotten and sometimes it most be fun to run free

  2. Hey, it's looking good! The wood effect you have in the flat-bed is really nice. Have you hand painted the interior as I notice the Vallejo paints aren't their 'Air' series. If so, how do non-air Vallejo paints hand-brush compared with say, Tamiya acrylics?

    I totally get where you're coming from with the, 'What If? scenario. I'm an aviation artist, so on a daily basis am bogged down with historical accuracy. Sometimes it's good to throw aside reality and do your own thing.

  3. Thanks Kasper,

    I have a strange feeling this may be something I do more in the future.

    Thanks Alexandre,

    I used the airbrush for the interior, I thin the paint with Vallejo's own thinner and it works perfectly for me. Vallejo also brush paints very well for me, I cannot compare then to Tamiya as I have never used their paints.

    Sorry I was so late with the reply guys, I have been out of town for a few days. Thanks for stopping in.


  4. Hey Ken

    The half track looks great, I saw it on the forum and it looks awesome. keep up the great work

    aka panzerman75

  5. Thanks Phil,

    glad to have you stopping by.


  6. Thank Ken for the Quick Blurp on How to Use the AK products...

    Being Happy in the Hobby is KEY !

    your thoughts on this is refreshing !