Saturday, July 30, 2011

Right out straight!

That's right fellow modelers, I am busy as a one armed paper hanger... whatever that means. I know it's been a month as of today since my last update but I have been very busy at the bench working on many projects.

Both of the little armored cars I posted earlier are built and ready for paint. The Russian BA-64 will find it's way into a little vignette, abandoned on the side of a muddy road in the snow, with a few Germans using it for cover. I have most of the various sub assemblies for this scene complete and just need to start painting them and putting them together. The BA-64 itself will be the focus of my latest project, one that I hope to make public by the end of September. I apologize for the cloak and dagger secrecy but that's how these things go.

So here's a look at the various pieces, as well as the basic layout idea assembled. No photo booth for these, just right off the bench.

Just a quick note before I go. My captured German half track seen in posts below will be in Military Modelcraft International's September issue, which goes out around the middle of August if I recall correctly. You can see a small photo of it there on the cover in the bottom left hand corner. My thanks to editor David Grummitt for the opportunity to work with him and Michael Rinaldi for putting in the good word.