Monday, September 16, 2013

Muddy StuG

Here's a little something I painted and weathered up on the sly for Military Modelcraft International. It's an old Imperial Series kit I believe, I got it long ago for a club group build, had long since started it and when I was about 90% with the assembly, I lost interest and stuck it back in the box.

About three years ago.Yup.

So I finally uh, got around to finishing it the other day. I rock at procrastination, something I do fairly well.

Peep it.

*Yes, I've been told a million times that StuG's didn't use blue numbers or something, but honestly I couldn't fill the head of a sewing needle with the fucks I gave about that with this model, they were spares in the drawer and all I had. I don't do much German stuff, and care even less about most of the rest of it.

Sorry, I bleed olive drab.