Saturday, February 13, 2010

Almost there now.

Well, it's been a little while since my last update and although I'm not quite finished just yet, I thought I might post some pictures of where I am currently with the M16 build. I've just about finished the ground work, I'll still tweak it a bit once the vehicle and figures are mounted but it's starting to resemble what the finished product will look like.

The M16 itself still has a way to go but it's getting closer and closer to being finished enough to be glued into place. Once glued, the last little bit of weathering to tie the two together and then the addition of the figures. Hopefully the next update will be much quicker now that I'm close to the end and the next project (already underway) can be posted here.

I've chosen not to use the canvas tilt over the cab. I liked the way it looked but I can't seem to bring myself to post something that inaccurate. The M16 had a canvas cover for the quad fifty mount in the back but nothing for the crew. All half tracks used three metal 'hoops' in order to hold up the canvas tilt, even the front most hoop was mounted into the rear crew compartment. The M16 had fold down side armor and therefore didn't have the mounting brackets for the front hoop, making the usage of the cab canvas, not possible without some major jury rigging.

I've also decided that I will most likely ditch the crew member in the rear, unless I can come up with another figure that I prefer, the scene will only consist of the driver and an infantrymen talking at the front of the track.