Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's make a walk, err... wait what?

In another attempt at simply modeling strictly for fun I've decided to build something 'sci-fi' in nature. I'm am a huge fan of the Star Wars universe, especially considering I was at the perfect age when A New Hope was originally released.

My son was one of the greatest excuses I could think of to keep this love of all things Star Wars very much alive. I have watched all of the movies with him on many occasions, I have purchased him the action figures and space ships. I've bought him the Nintendo DS Star Wars video games, and even Star Wars LEGOs. I've also played with all of these toys at various times over the last few years, with him of course.

No, seriously.

All things considered it would only make sense that my walker design would be inspired by George Lucas and his creations versus the MIG walker that seems to inspire many other modelers. This isn't supposed to say/mean anything, the MIG walker is very cool. I just happen to have decided to take a different route.

If you saw The Empire Strikes Back, you might have seen a very brief glimpse of the two legged AT-ST in the snow, underneath the larger AT-AT walkers. If you saw Return of the Jedi, then you would recall the many scenes with the AT-ST on the moon of Endor.

For my walker I have used a 251 upper hull, some Sherman parts, Panther parts, 234 parts, 'Hetzer' parts, 250 parts, Panzer IV parts and the list goes on. Most of the parts are from the spares box except for the Wespe gun which was taken from an old unfinished build from years ago. Everything else is from sheet stock from Evergreen.

Of course This is merely the result of maybe four or five hours of work, I have a lot more to do with scratch building and of course adding tons more 'greeblies' to make things interesting. In the last photo I have edited (sloppily) out the small tripod holding up the body strictly to get an idea of what it will look like when done.



  1. Nice Chicken-walker, mate! Seriously, very nice. You need an excuse to play with Lego? ;)

  2. Cool. Have you worked on this any more since this post? It's a cool design and I'm sure you'll ROCK the paint job.

  3. Hey Scott,

    I've done some more building but have yet to start the painting. I'm not sure what I will do yet, some cool camo job or that cobbled together 'Mad Max' type thing...

    any ides? ;)