Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3AD-M4A1 Belgium 1944 - finished

Well, I've posted this on four different modeling forums over the last few days but I really should put it here as well.

Ironically out of the four, the one forum I was the most nervous about has been pleasantly surprising in both amounts of replies as well as the reply content itself while the only forum, where this build was posted in a full, start to finish step by step received two replies... over 290 views in forty eight hours but two replies.

The internet is fickle at times isn't it?

Well here are a few pictures, I wont go crazy posting them all here, just a handful of my favorites. As always, clicking on the picture will allow you to view it full size and close up. I recommend right clicking the photo and choosing 'open link in new window' so you can close that window when done, as simply clicking on the picture will facilitate the need to use your back button to return to this blog.

Either way, enjoy.


  1. Hey Ken,

    I meant to comment on this over on one of the forums we both frequent. I'm not sure which others you posted to, but I do agree with your comments re. the internet being fickle. I sometimes question the value of actually posting the entire build on sites.

    Fantastic work, mate. The colour composition of the piece is fantastic: the OD of the vehicle, the various forms of uniform OD and of course the brown autumn colours.

    Who are the figures by?

    Once again: Fantastic work mate!


  2. Hey Rudi,

    I forgot to respond here after sending you the e-mail, so I just wanted to thank you again.