Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stay on target... almost there...

at the finish line that is, not the ray shielded thermal exhaust port that's only two meters wide that leads directly to the reactor system, which by the way will set of a chain reaction after a direct hit from proton torpedoes.

I apologize for the Star Wars reference if you are not a fan. It's still a bit early here for a Sunday morning, I'm half way through my first cup of coffee and it's all I could come up with after watching the trilogy yesterday with my son.

So, yeah. This little monster of crazy small detail is just about complete. I've added some headlight lenses, painted the pick axe, glued the flexible hose in between the tankette and the trailer. I've added a bit of darker pigments in some areas to represent the older, ground in grime and attached it to a quick base I threw together with some sand and pigments. I'll add some small desert like plant life later but for all intents and purposes, this build is done appearing on the blog. Not sure what I'll post here next, I have multiple builds going on (as always) but not all of them will be seen on the internet.

Thanks for checking in, enjoy your day. It's a cool, Sunday morning, Autumn is just around the corner and we are going apple picking.



  1. Looks amazing Ken.

  2. Thank you Kasper, glad you like it.

  3. fantastic Ken!! Hey what happened to your youtube videos? they are all gone.

  4. Thanks John John,

    I'm re-vamping the channel, switching gears. I will re-post them in a different manner, right now they are 'unlisted' but will be brought back, just been really busy with a local regional show and such.


  5. incredibly beautiful work, thanks