Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Very slight progress...

and a little 'gardening' as well*.

*pun intended/see below

I have added some more oils to the rest of the build, dry fit the wheels, tracks and gun and gave it all a light dullcoat to cut down on the shine and add some tooth for the pigments, which will be my next step.

These aren't a whole lot different than the last photos I posted but it looks much better all 'assembled' like this, rather than a partial hulk that the last two photos shown. The camera is having some maintenance right now after a small fall, so I can't take pictures of the 234/2 I am finishing up for a customer, I hope it comes back before I have to ship this one off as I'm pretty happy with its outcome. Anyway, on to the Marine GMC pictures.

As far as my 'gardening', I was given a Monroe Perdu 'Normandy Well' kit for a group build on the Modelers Alliance and I have started on a small base with three GI's taking cover, although the figures do not appear in these pictures, you can see the beginning of the groundwork really starting to take shape here.

You can see more of the whole progress, as well as a bunch of other great builds by others using this well, on the group build forum at ModelersAlliance

As always, feel free to tell me what you like, don't like or wonder about. Of course, clicking on the pictures makes 'em bigga'!


  1. Impressive halftrack to say the least Ken. Camo on these things really change the looks of em.


  2. Thanks Dale! Glad to hear you like it.


  3. BIDDLYBIDDLYBONG ! What a camo scheme ! that looks the dog's danglers mate!

  4. Great work ! camo is very attractive and unusual with U.S. vehicles

    Best regards


  5. Thanks Jon, thanks Frederic.

    Glad to hear you guys like it so far.


  6. Admirer of your work.November 13, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    Just a heads up on the painting, you forgot the tip of the shovel on the front left side.

    But either way it looks gorgeous.

  7. Thank you for both the heads up and the kind words, I appreciate both.

    I'll get on that shovel at my next bench session.

  8. Ken

    Awesome halftrack , I like the paint job on it very very nice. What type of masking technique did you use or any at all.


  9. Phil,

    thanks for the comments. I didn't mask it because I figured it was too much work, (see:lazy) I outlined all the spots with a brush by hand and then filled them in with the airbrush.

    Hope that helps,


  10. Ken,
    Love the look here and the firepower!

  11. you always do a awesome job with the weathering on these models, they are always so detailed XD