Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some pigment progress and a 'tip'

I recently started working with the pigments on this build and it's one of my favorite parts to a build for two reasons. One, it means I'm coming close to the end of long journey and two because it is where I feel the build begins to take on that scale 'realness' to it. For this build I have used Vallejo pigments exclusively.

I'm not quite close to being done, as you can still see some shiny new stuff near the dingy filthy stuff but I thought I'd put these out there. You never know what you might have missed until others get a look and give you feedback...

which leads me to the 'tip'.

Thanks to a posted comment below I have been informed that I forgot to paint the tip of the shovel. Can you imagine that? Thank you poster of said comment, you have saved me from some major deductions next year if I enter this in a show. You sir, (or madam) and your eye for detail are much appreciated. Please do stick around and keep me informed of any more hamfisted goofs on my part.

Seriously, I owe you one.


  1. that halftrack looks awesome (:

    i have never seen that camo before. is it from the pacific theater?

  2. Thanks K. ;)

    Yes it is from the Pacific, if you go back a page I think, there is a picture of the vehicle I am basing this off of.

    try to copy and paste that link, I think that will take you to it.

    Thanks for stopping by mate.


  3. I "think" the radiator shutters were controlled by engine heat acting like a thermostat, open when hot--closed when cold--if this is the case your entrenching tools would be in the way. Just my 2 cents worth. Dave Powell KKz

  4. Hey Dave,

    the armored louvers were controlled by a lever on the 'passenger' side of the vehicle, the handle could be positioned in a number of slots to hold them open a various increments.

    However, technical stuff aside did you see the picture I was modeling this from? The entrenching tools are almost an exact replication of their placement in the photo.