Wednesday, July 29, 2009

M4A1 mortar carrier part 2

Paying the spraint.

But first, a last look at the details I've added since the basic construction. A bent aerial base since the antenna will be tied off to the bumper, tarps and bedrolls are made from packing tissue paper soaked in diluted white glue, medical gauze for the camo net, the straps are from a foil wrapper with PE buckles from Aber and some fine beading wire and small chain from Micheal's craft store for the winch.

One of my most favorite times in a build is breaking out the airbrush. There isn't any cut fingers, lost parts to the carpet monster, mold lines to remove etc. It is also the place where you can express yourself however you want, some choose factory fresh, others choose just this side of destroyed, to modulate or not to modulate, accuracy or artistry. Whatever you do is your choice, we all have our own personal preferences and that's where the individualism really shines through, the finishes we choose. Without these choices, everyone would be building the same exact kit and where's the fun in that?

After spraying a primer coat of flat black and letting it sit for a few days, I have begun applying the various shades of olive drab. For this build I am using LIFECOLOR paints and I truly love their Allied green set for OD choices. I like the way they go on, both for brush painting and as you will see here, through the airbrush.

I lay on a base color with the darkest shade and work my way up to a lighter shade leaving some of the black primer coat visible in recessed panel lines and on outer edges, I believe this technique is referred to as pre-shading. It wont be as pronounced on the finished product but for it to have any effect in the end, it should be rather obvious at this stage.

Next will be the detail painting of the separate stowage items and tools, some oil paint weathering and then pigments. Of course, I'll have to mout those tracks, tires and running gear first!

Thanks for watching.

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