Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30th, the SMA contest comes to a close

That's right, as of midnight tonight the contest is officially over. Voting will be sometime in the next week or so and now, after three months of light stress, the long wait begins (like a week or so, but it seems like forever when you have models entered)

This year was three time larger than last years in terms of entries, so the competition should be much tougher. We were given three months instead of two and this year I actually managed to enter two models, the Sd Kfz and Ma.K. below.

Here are a couple views of the finished products.

For my next projects, I have decided to keep them small and simple and as stress free as possible. I will try to keep this blog updated with these builds and cover as much as I can about the builds, the paint and the weathering. I have chosen two small vehicles for my next builds and unless I become sidetracked with other stuff, this is what I should be posting here for the time being, once I've taken a break and spent a little time away from the bench.

See you all soon.

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