Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hobby Boss M4 HST

Well I've been quiet here lately but very busy at the bench. I have been having an absolute blast building kit after kit but thought I should dedicate some time behind the airbrush.

Since the kit mentioned above was built for the most part, 'Out Of Box' I decided this would be my first project to get warmed up on with the airbrushing and shake out the cobwebs. I've made it fairly lite in color as I usually do because as mentioned before, weathering always tends to darken it up quite a bit in the end.

I'm fairly certain there are a few problems accuracy wise with the kit, I believe the drive sprockets are wrong as well as the seats inside the cab but I'm just going to have some fun painting and weathering and leave the fixes for the next one I build. I did however shorten the kits 'rubber band' tracks by one link as they were a bit loose and added some small brass chain to the door which I have positioned open. I will be adding some stowage and scratch building a canvas tarp for that area later.



  1. Relaxing is good for you it seems.
    Right or wrong it still looks good to me.

    Tony lee

  2. it looking very good...

    i got this kit myself so it's interesting to see yours (:

  3. Thanks for stopping in and commenting Tony, now I just have to get this on PA.

    Hey Kasper, been anxiously awaiting March 5th, which if I understood correctly is when we will see some new stuff on the channel.

    Thanks again guys,


  4. Thanks Jon, coming from you it means a lot. Your vid on this was great stuff.

    Talk soon brother,


  5. I've been tempted to buy this kit myself, and after seeing yours, am feeling the draw towards the hobbyshop even stronger - great work!

  6. Thank you, it's an all around great kit with a little work. Hopefully I can update the pictures soon!