Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still pluggin' away

Non stop in my spare time even.

I think I'm about done with my X-Wing, I added an R2 unit and the pilot figure, cheesy as he may be and then gave the model a flat coat to kill the shine. I may revisit this some time in the future when I figure out exactly how those ILM guys got their 'dirty universe' look but for now, it's gone to the shelf looking like this.

My 'Stuart' tank is still in progress, I have been attacking it slowly with layers of oil paints to show some dust and fuels stains. I will continue to tweak the look as I am aiming for a really dirty vehicle, covered with dust and grime in layers, giving the vehicle some depth and the impression of a tank under constant pressure, with no time for any maintenance. I still have to figure out what I will do for stowage in the rear basket, I don't have any British gear, so whatever I use will have to be scratch built.

Lastly for today is my Dodge command car. As I may have mentioned previously, this is being built for an online competition, which can be found on I am very close to completion with this and only have a few small tweaks and then I can mount it on it's base. Nothing too fancy or extravagant, just some simple groundwork and a tree, to give the scene a little extra something to hopefully edge out the competition and bag myself a decent prize.

As always, clicking on the picture will increase the size to allow for more detailed viewing. Comments are always welcome.



  1. Hey Ken,

    Hope you don't mind an "atta'boy", as I really have no real constructive critique for you on these builds.

    Re. the X-Wing, the 'dirty universe' comment gave me a good chuckle.

    Re. the Stuart, I really like the fuel stains, but the more I look at it, the more I wonder is it's too much spillage? Perhaps I should withhold any comments until I see the further layers applied.

    Nice work on the Dodge. Will look into this comp you mentioned - in case you need the vote rigged.


  2. Hi Rudi,

    I'm pretty sure I heard that 'dirty universe' terminology somewhere, I can't take credit for it, it may have even been in print or on video, I dunno.

    The idea behind the current look of the fuel stains is much like say a pre-shade, or even color modulation, initially it's pretty harsh but gets toned down by the end. I'm hoping to create some depth by burying this behind multiple layers of dust, grime and fresher stains, leaving what you see now as previous stains, ground in deep and much less visible. That's the plan anyhow ;)

    For the competition, you have to join the forum to vote but you may change your mind when you get there, BigJon has entered a killer Staghound...

    hell I might even vote for him. It's gonna be tough. There are several other categories besides armor to vote on too.

    As always thanks for the comments, they're appreciated. Don't ever withhold anything bud, good, bad or indifferent.