Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little update on the Dodge

...and I do mean little.

Here are just some quick photos, experimenting with a white backdrop, just to prove I am still plugging away. I've also started on another odd half track variant but I'll wait for a bit more progress before showing any of that. As a teaser I will mention that is a fairly well known photo of a Marine 75mm GMC based on the smaller M2/M4 chassis, instead of the longer M3 and that it will require cutting up two kits and merging them into one but I digress.

Although these last posts here haven't been my usual step by step postings, documenting the steps in intervals, the complete build and subsequent painting parts of the Dodge can be seen on my youtube channel here: as well as other videos as well. Shooting, editing and all of that takes a bit of my time so this blog has suffered a bit. I am still trying to find balance but sometimes deadlines can have an effect on that. As I think I mentioned in an earlier post, this is an entry to an online contest that ends late in June, at which point I may have more time to spend here with some more detailed builds. Until then, I will also be posting videos of the weathering of the Dodge in the near future and it's final mounting on a base.

Here is where it stands, in a protective gloss coat, all ready to get weathered. It's actually here in the build process where the model takes on a very 'toy-like' appearance, which is mainly due to the gloss coat. Once weathered and flat coated, this will all change quite drastically.

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