Monday, August 3, 2009

M4A1 Mortar Carrier part 4

Nearing Completion

This entry is fairly simple, containing only a few photos with only a couple of changes. Painting the small details is usually a time consuming process and while I have done a lot of things since my last update, they are all so small that it doesn't appear as such. Things like tool handles, machine gun handles and other small odds and ends can really stand out and give the model some life though, especially against a drab, (pun intended) single colored background. While the tool handles would most likely be olive drab in color on the real vehicle, the wood grain technique used by many modelers is done in an artistic way IMO, adding some variations of color to the finished product.

I've also shown the lenses I used for the de-mountable headlights, sitting in the storage rack in the photo below. This is the first time I used the resin de-mountable headlights from Formations and the lenses that come with. While I am happy with the effect they give considering the simplicity of the installation, they do lack the textured lines a headlight lenses would have. The kit lenses have this detail and may have been a better choice in the long run. Live and learn they say and every build for me is a lesson to to apply to the next attempt.

I've also begun laying the pigments, MIG in this case and I'm using three colors in this application to give some variation and depth. I'm trying to imply that perhaps some of the mud/dirt was deposited the day before, while some is fresh. Perhaps some of the lighter stuff is weeks old, while the darker tones are days old. Who really knows?

I apply them using a small brush and some turpentine for a fixer. The pigments will go on much darker than they will dry too, so experimentation for the correct tones you may want is recommended. Below are two overall pictures of where the model is at this stage, followed by two more photos showing closer details of the layered pigments.

My next steps will be making the display base and mounting the half track. Until that point this model will be gently placed into a box awaiting the bases construction. Once the model is mounted, there will be final weathering done to both the half track and the base, to tie them together as one. I will use that time to finish anything I may have missed or anything I am not fully satisfied with, (like the Jerry can on the passenger side and the strap for both). I will also be completing the tarp and a figure during break in this build and will return with the final update when all of the elements are completed and mounted.

Next I will begin my build of Dragons M16 GMC, hope to see you along for that one as well!

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